• Italian Opera Baroque in Santa Monaca Church

イタリアン・オペラ・バロック in サンタ・モナカ教会

サンタ・モナカ教会 (Chiesa di Santa Monaca), フィレンツェ — Main Hall

時間: 1 h





  • ヴォルフガング・アマデウス・モーツァルト フィガロの結婚 > Arias and Duets, from 'The Marriage of Figaro', K. 492
  • ジャコモ・プッチーニ トスカ > Arias from "Tosca"
  • ジャコモ・プッチーニ ラ・ボエーム > Arias from: "La Bohème"
  • ジョアキーノ・ロッシーニ セビリアの理髪師 > Arias from 'Il barbiere di Siviglia'
  • ジャコモ・プッチーニ 蝶々夫人 > Arias from Madame Butterfly
  • ジュゼッペ・ヴェルディ 椿姫 > Arias from La Traviata


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5.0 の 5

  • Vanina B, Bulgaria

    11月 2019年

    Superb performance. Invaluable experience! Thank you!

  • Sally H, United Kingdom

    10月 2019年

    Very enjoyable evening

  • David S, United Kingdom

    10月 2019年

    Excellent intimate high quality experience

  • Ursula D, Ireland

    10月 2019年

    What a wonderful performance, very moving. Both sorpranos and pianist were a pleasure to listen to and made the evening very special.

  • David A, United Kingdom

    09月 2019年

    An absolutely beautiful night. We enjoyed the performance immensely.

  • Miguel P, Spain

    09月 2019年

    Excellent performances, a magic night!

  • Lillias S, United Kingdom

    08月 2019年

    Totally breathtaking.

  • Gurdeep B, United Kingdom

    08月 2019年

    Excellent performances. Rodolfo is an accomplished pianist and we enjoyed his solo performances. Hiroko has an exquisite voice and was mesmerising to watch and listen to. Well worth going to see.

  • Sharon D, United Kingdom

    08月 2019年

    Excellent evening. Very talented performers in an intimate setting. We thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it.

  • Matt R, United Kingdom

    05月 2019年

    A wonderful atmosphere. A moving performance. Highly recommend. In such a beautiful place of the region.

  • Claudia L, United Kingdom

    05月 2019年

    Amazing performance!!!!

  • Frenkel M, France

    05月 2019年

    It was fine!

  • Kimberly M, Canada

    03月 2019年

    The Italian Opera performance at Santa Monaca Church in Florence was the highlight of our trip. The music was beautiful and the intimate setting in a beautiful old building made it even more special. Bravo!

  • Barry L, United Kingdom

    03月 2019年

    The venue was small and intimate, holds perhaps 30 people, the performance was excellent. Singing of the highest quality supported by a very good pianist. I would absolutely recommend. My only complaint is the show ended to quickly, I wanted more.


サンタ・モナカ教会 (Chiesa di Santa Monaca), Via S. Monaca 6, フィレンツェ, イタリア