Lo spettacolo

Ascolta bellissimi canti natalizi per coro e orchestra nell'atmosfera ispiratrice dell'Église de la Madeleine di Parigi. Alain Guillouzo guida l'Orchestre Hélios e solisti di talento.

Recensioni clienti

3.4 di 5

  • steven k, USA

    dic 2018

    EXCELLENT! Beautiful and moving performances.

  • Terence S, USA

    dic 2018

    This Christmas Concert far exceeded our expectations. Spectacular.

  • Goksenin K, France

    dic 2018

    it was just beyond our expectations. a spectacle during 1.5 hours (excluding the time to enter) with a meticulously chosen pieces of music embracing Handel, Bach, unknown composers of traditional Xmas tunes. All of the soloists, the tenor, sopranos, and the baryton were at the peak of their performance. As did the orchestra and their conductor! This amazing team surprised us all with the final 'we wish you a merry christmas' performance, and then 2 'BIS'es of ' 'Halalujah'… thanks heaps!

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