Alan Lucien Øyen: Balletto dell'Opera Nazionale di Parigi

Parigi, Palais Garnier — Main Hall

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Lo spettacolo

Incontra il nuovo scandinavo sulla scena della danza. Acclamato nella sua nativa Norvegia e oltre, Alan Lucien Øyen è la luce guida di una nuova generazione nordica e fondatore della celebre compagnia "Winter Guests".

Rinomato per la creazione di opere che combinano elementi visivi e coreografici a tal punto che illusione e realtà diventano indistinguibili, Øyen crea un nuovo lavoro per il Balletto dell'Opera di Parigi al Palais Garnier.

Informazioni pratiche

Questo spettacolo avrà luogo al Palais Garnier e durerà 2h00 con 1 intervallo


Coreografia Alan Lucien Øyen
Drammaturgia Andrew Wale
Scenografia Alexander Eales
Costumi Stine Sjøgren
Luci e video Martin Flack

Les Étoiles, les Premières Danseuses, les Premiers Danseurs et le Corps de Ballet de l'Opéra national de Paris

Recensioni clienti

3.0 di 5

  • HISAO K, 日本

    feb 2020


  • Julius M, USA

    nov 2019

    It was excellent!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Doronina E, France

    nov 2019

    It was wonderfull,new and lovelyThank you!

  • evgeny s, Россия

    ott 2019

    отлично все

  • Pantelis K, France

    ott 2019

    Soirée exceptionnelle!!! Merci beaucoup!!!

  • Caryn C, USA

    set 2019

    It was spectacular.

  • TOMIO I, 日本

    lug 2019

    very good performance!

  • Susan W, USA

    giu 2019


  • YICHEN L, 台湾

    giu 2019


  • liliane c, USA

    mag 2019

    The program was fabulous. The "Trois Gnossiennes" were especially beautiful and the dancers and pianist performed as one voice.

  • Clare T, United Kingdom

    feb 2019


  • Paramjit D, United Kingdom

    feb 2019

    Brilliant service from beginning to the point of receiving the tickets.

  • david h, USA

    feb 2019

    It was magical

  • Miwa K, Canada

    dic 2018

    Rare chance to see how the students are trained at the school. Fantastic.

  • Christine G, USA

    dic 2018

    Wonderful event and so glad to have my ticket purchased beforehand. So easy to do.

  • Harry S, Netherlands

    nov 2018

    A wonderful experience in the most wonderful opera venue

  • Ana Ysabel O, Perú

    nov 2018


  • Keith B, Canada

    nov 2018

    Great singers and orchestra in cozy small theatre. Intermmissions semed too long, but the performance was great. Lead singers were outstanding.

  • Jorge Ariel R, Argentina

    nov 2018

    Los 2 músicos de los vientos del final se dormían durante la función, queda muy feo pase eso, lo demás muy lindo.

  • Gaynor E, United Kingdom

    nov 2018

    This was my first opera and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a small theatre but I think this adds to the amazing voices of the singers. There was food provided for free…not sure what as we didn't have any. I'm hooked now and would like to see more. Excellent evening !!

  • Thomas E, United Kingdom

    ott 2018

    Fantastic voices. Excellent venue

  • veronique b, France

    ott 2018

    Les destinataires de ce cadeau étaient ravis . Bonne prestation , décor magnifique …

  • John N, Italy

    ott 2018

    Unforgettable experience, excellent ambiance. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Superb event

  • Ma Carmen Patricia L, México

    giu 2014

    Exelente servicio el de classictic Exelente espectáculo… lo mejor……….

  • Dagmar T, Deutschland

    feb 2014

    sehr schöner Opernabend

  • Walter G.,

    nov 2012

    Sängerische Leistung und Darstellung war sehr gut.

  • Pål Andre N.,

    nov 2012

    Fantastic performance

  • Dean L.,

    nov 2012


  • keiko m., Japan

    ott 2012


  • Lizelotte F.,

    ott 2012

    It was a great experience, our first time at an opera.

  • Elisabeth D.,

    ott 2012

    Lovely little concert hall with historic feeling. Great singers. Nice bar and ice cream bar.

  • Custodio C.,

    ott 2012

    Muy bien, cuando estabamos esperando para entrar, se acercó una chica del teatro a la cola de entrada y nos acompañó a cambiar las entradas online por los tickets, y todo fué super rapido.

  • toshiki k.,

    ott 2012

    本場のオペラ。初めてでした。素晴らしかった!次回のパリ滞在の節も是非足を運びたいとおもいます。 恥を忍んで。パリのオペラ座、と言えば「オペラにあるオペラ座」しか思い浮かばない人間で、バスティーユにもオペラ座があるとは、夢思いませんでした。そのため当日、当たり前の顔をしてオペラのオペラ座に出向き、そこで誤りを指摘され、慌ててバスティーユへ駆け付けた次第。1970年代のバリしか知らない者の失敗談でした。

  • Alphons P.,

    ott 2012

    À simple but Very Nice performance in à marvelous Jugendstil theatre

  • Yumiko T., Japan

    ott 2012

    席は全体が一望できるが、出演者の表情までは見えなかった。 観客のノリがよく、とても楽しめた。

  • Técia M.,

    ott 2012

    My experience was very nice.

  • Benoit G.,

    ott 2012

    Quelques imperfections sur les décors et les costumes.

  • SHIRO K., Japan

    lug 2012


  • Katherine W., New Zealand

    lug 2012

    Incredible in all respects.

  • Diane W., Australia

    lug 2012

    Fabulous! From picking up the ticket at the box office to the magnificent seat in this wonderful theatre. The seat was close enough to the stage to be able to see all the facial expressions so that was an extra bonus. A great service

  • Sibylle R., Germany

    giu 2012

    Die Veranstaltung war ein Genuss. Danke für die Reservierung. Alles hat wunderbar geklappt.

  • Yuri O., Japan

    giu 2012

    We had unforgettable time through our journey!

  • Ingo L., Germany

    giu 2012


  • Renate W., Germany

    giu 2012

    Sehr schönes Theater,hervorragende Künstler,es war mein Geburtstag und der wunderschöne Abschluß eines herrlichen tages in Rom!!

  • Louise B., United Kingdom

    giu 2012

    A fantastic opera, very moving and the theatre was lovely.

  • werner D., Germany

    giu 2012

    Es war eine sehr schöne Vorstellung, ausgezeichnete Gesangsdarbietungen, passendes Ambiente.

  • Helga B., Canada

    mag 2012

    everything was wonderful. The facility, the performance, the ease of exchanging our email ticket for performance tickets….

  • junichi y., Japan

    mag 2012


  • CHIEKO M., Japan

    mag 2012


  • Mario G., Malta

    mag 2012

    a wonderful and romantic experience….

  • Lorena G., Spain

    apr 2012

    Buena relación calidad‐precio.

  • David S., United Kingdom

    apr 2012

    Loved it.

  • Jayne Y., United Kingdom

    apr 2012

    It was very entertaining — we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves — even the children!

  • Patricia Mary H., United Kingdom

    apr 2012

    really good performance

  • alain d., France

    apr 2012

    rapport qualité prix imbattable / très belle soirée de qualité

  • Alban S., United States

    feb 2012

    Excellent. Except the gentlemen at the 'Will Call' window refused at first to accept your confirmation since it was for "The Queen of Spades" which he could not (or did not want to) identify with the french title "La Dame de Pique"

  • hajime w., Japan

    gen 2012


  • Wolfgang M., Germany

    dic 2011

    Ich hatte den Eindruck, dass die Musiker und das Ensemble möglichst schnell nach Hause wollten, denn die Tempi waren sehr schnell gewählt, wodurch so manches musikalische Detail auf der Strecke geblieben ist. Mir persönlich war "Alfredo" zu laut, ein paar leisere Töne dazwischen hätten nicht geschadet, zumal der Kirchenraum eher klein war, eine tolle Akustik hatte und es dieses "Geschmetter" nicht dauernd gebraucht hätte. Stimmlich hat mir "Giorgio" sehr gut gefallen. Insgesamt hatte ich einen schönen Abend, denn ich war schließlich im Urlaub.

  • hiroo o., France

    dic 2011


  • rie t., Japan

    dic 2011


  • Viviane v., Germany

    nov 2011

    Das Ballett war hinreißend !!! Die Pariser Oper‐ wunderschön.

  • Maria Henriette R., Netherlands

    nov 2011

    The soloists were professional and indeed very good. The choir consisted of good hobbyists I assume. Stage accessories were minimal (small stage), but the atmosphere in theatre was great. In the end it was good value for money.

  • Inge S., Germany

    nov 2011

    Alles bestens!

  • Eeva L., Finland

    nov 2011

    Good places, good performance

  • Silvana P., Argentina

    ott 2011

    Excelente. Disfrutamos plenamente la experiencia, la música, el teatro. Fue una noche perfecta e ideal

  • Bernhard F., Germany

    ott 2011

    Die kleinen Orchesterbesetzung für eine grosse Oper ist gewöhnungsbedürftig, hat aber durchasu ihren Reiz.

  • Denize J., United States

    ott 2011

    Wonderful venue. Perfect size. Enjoyed tremendously.

  • Luciano P., South Africa

    set 2011

    Violetta was exceptional, Alfredo less so, certainly not a charmer. The rest of the cast was somewhat "rigid', this is a melodramma but the first two acts require that the partecipants at the parties enjoy themselves. This lot certainly did not. The venue is very nice but it could do with some air conditioning.

  • Jonathan G., United Kingdom

    set 2011

    A great venue, and a v good performance — special mention to the baritone of Giorgio Germont!

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