This wonderful city on the Rhine offers all of the excitement, variety, and amenities one would expect from a bustling European center. Discover the many‐faceted jewel of Düsseldorf through its unique and informative museums, its concerts and operas, and its lovely promenades. The capital of North Rhine‐Westphalia has grown over the centuries from a small village, or 'dorf', into an industrial powerhouse, and its image continually shifts as it reinvents both its business and its cultural life. Düsseldorf's unusual Museum Kunstpalast houses a remarkable set of full concert halls within a complex that also contains outstanding art collections and exhibitions. Enjoy a fulfilling classical adventure in the area's splendid capital of culture.

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  • Denis Matsuev Tour attraverso l'Europa 2020

    Denis Matsuev Tour attraverso l'Europa 2020

    Düsseldorf, Tonhalle

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    € 39,00