Фортепианные сонаты Моцарта и Бетховена: Вена, крипта Святого Петра

Вена, Krypta (Peterskirche) — Main Hall

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О событии

Насладитесь серией фортепианных концертов 'Сонаты Моцарта и Бетховена', исполненных в крипте Святого Петра (Петерскирхе) в Вене.

Последние отзывы наших клиентов

4.6 из 5

  • Elaine G, Canada

    окт 2019

    Absolutely amazing this young pianist is world class. I attend many concerts and he is the best I have heard.

  • Karen Y, USA

    июл 2019

    It was a great concert with a very intimate setting. The musicians are first class and you also get to meet them after the concert. If you are looking for fine classical music in a small setting this is the place to attend, you will not be disappointed.

  • Neera F, USA

    июл 2019

    It was absolutely fabulous. The piano player was excellent and very professional. He was a pleasure to hear him play. The audience asked for a second encore. He obliged our first request. Honestly, we may have been requesting encores for the rest of the night!

  • Akira T, 日本

    мая 2019


  • Ana C, United Kingdom

    мар 2019

    The pianist was phenomenal. I loved it. Thank you.

  • carmelina b, Italia

    янв 2019

    Solo brani minori eseguiti;dovrebbero essere inserite nel repertorio le opere più famose come "Figaro, sinfonia 2 ecc…" In ogni caso il pianista è bravo!

  • Elizabeth C.,

    ноя 2012

    i went to several concerts over the weekend and this was the best

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Krypta (Peterskirche), Petersplatz, Вена, Австрия — Карты Google

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