• Konzerthaus Berlin, Außenansicht (Credit: Felix Löchner / Sichtkreis)
  • Konzerthaus Berlin, Außenansicht (Credit: Felix Löchner / Sichtkreis)
  • Konzerthaus Berlin, Außenansicht, Abend (Credit: David von Becker)

Irith Gabriely & Quartet Colalaila Classic: Queen of Klezmer

Берлин, Берлинский Концертхаус — Kleiner Saal

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О событии

The clarinetist Irith Gabriely, celebrated as 'Queen of Klezmer', toured Europe's large and small concert halls for decades and won numerous prizes. She impresses with her stylistically confident, broad repertoire and is also active as a mediator between the most diverse musical styles and monotheistic religions, performing together with Christian, Islamic and Jewish interpreters. With Peter Przystaniak, her pianist, composer and arranger, the 'Queen of Klezmer' has founded a new quartet.
'Colalaila classic' plays in classical instrumentation with Irith Gabriely on clarinet, Norman Reaves on violin, Stefan Welsch on cello and Peter Przystaniak on piano and enchants with its musical intensity and spirited performance. The repertoire ranges from Klezmer, classical music, jazz to his own compositions. Each individual musician is an outstanding soloist and contributes to a unique overall sound through his rousing playing. In addition, Irith Gabriely, as usual, tells Hasidic stories and thus provides an authentic insight into Jewish life. Through expressive playing, 'Colalaila classic' manages to create an emotional connection to the audience and to inspire the listeners in every concert.


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Берлинский Концертхаус, Gendarmenmarkt, Берлин, Германия — Карты Google

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