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During Advent the coveted male choir of the 'Bolshoi Don Cossacks' brings a piece of Russian history to Berlin. The trained opera soloists overwhelm every year with their vocal power and present the musical tradition of the Don Cossacks.
The basis of the repertoire consists of sacred songs, Cossack, Russian and Ukrainian folk songs. From the quietest pianissimo to the loudest forte, the artists use not only their chorales, but also their feelings precisely. Petja Houdjakov has been conducting the choir and the musicians for more than 30 years now and travels the world with them. At Christmas time the programme is enriched with festive songs. So, besides songs like 'Abendglocke', 'Wolga‐Wolga' or 'Roter Safran', there are also traditional Christmas melodies. With a little luck, the audience will experience one or the other opera aria in between. The singers are accompanied by the balalaika, a typical Russian plucked instrument and the harmonica 'Aleksandra'.


Мероприятия в Берлине проводятся по правилам 2G‐plus, т.е. для вакцинированных и выздоровевших лиц требуется отрицательный результат теста или подтверждение бустерной вакцинации (действительной со дня бустерной вакцинации).

Последние отзывы наших клиентов

5.0 из 5

  • Lars W, Denmark

    дек 2018

    The concert was perfect for the St. Marienkirche. The atmosphere and performance was outstanding. Highly recommended if you like mans choir.

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