Blaricum Music Festival 2019: Gypsy Night - Roby Lakatos & Band

There are currently no dates available for this event.

Experience classical music like never before in this astonishing performance of masterworks of gypsy music at Blaricum's remarkable De Vituskerk.

The Blaricum Music Festival

After a successful pilot in 2018 it’s now time for the first full size version of this high end classical music festival. It takes place from Thursday June 27th – Sunday July 7th.
This year’s festival comprises 19 concerts of which 6 with the Blaricum Music Festival Orchestra. The other concerts give you the world’s best in chamber music and recitals. The Blaricum Music Festival Orchestra consists of about 60 (young) international top players and they will be led by the orchestra’s Artistic Director Mathieu Herzog. The festival will also have 2 intensive masterclasses and will host a beautiful Chagall Exhibition.


Blaricum is a very ‘artistic’ village near Amsterdam, a great green and lush place to go to. Not only to enjoy the great concerts or an afternoon visit to the Chagall Exhibition or a Masterclass… Walk around, do some shopping and have a great lunch or dinner. The lovely people of Blaricum welcome you with open arms!

Напитки и небольшие укусы можно заказать в VIP-катеринге в отдельном VIP-саду, расположенном рядом с концертными площадками. Эта аранжировка состоит из напитков премиум-класса (включая шампанское) и небольших роскошных укусов за 45 минут до начала концерта, 30 минут во время перерыва и 60 минут после концерта.

Для группового бронирования, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами по адресу info@classictic.com.

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