Berliner Barock Solisten, Daniel Gaede & Frank Peter Zimmermann: Palais des Beaux-Arts

Frank Peter Zimmermann, © Photo: Harald Hoffmann/haenssler CLASSIC

There are currently no dates available for this event.

The Berliner Barock Solisten and violinists Daniel Gaede and Frank Peter Zimmermann offer a concert dedicated to Bach's music, onstage of the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels.

Founded in 1995, the Berliner Barock Solisten focuses on music from the 17th and 18th centuries, and always collaborate with the best soloists.

  • Orchestre de Paris European Gala

    Orchestre de Paris European Gala

    Чтв, 15 Мар 2018, 20:00

    Брюссель, Дворец изящных искусств
  • Ensemble Intercontemporain: Palais des Beaux-Arts
  • Chœur de chambre de Namur: Palais des Beaux-Arts
  • Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège: Palais des Beaux-Arts
  • Danish National Orchestra & Chorus: St Luke Passion
  • Les Talens Lyriques, Telemann and France: Palais des Beaux-Arts
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