Miklós Lukács, Kálmán Balogh

Cimbalom and Tárogató: Ethno Music Days

Despite their contrasting design and characteristics, there is much that the cimbalom (a type of dulcimer) and the tárogató (a variation on the clarinet) have in common. Both were the brainchild of Venczel József Schunda, a hugely influential instrument‐maker of the late 19th century.

The first part of the concert will see Gy. László Kiss, clarinettist to the Festival Orchestra, play the tárogató. He will also perform a selection of folk music accompanied by viola player Péter Árendás and András Lelkes on double bass. Although he will also perform in Part 1, Kálmán Balogh and his cimbalom will take centre stage after the interval. Balogh shot to worldwide fame as a folk musician, while his counterpart Miklós Lukács specialises more in jazz and contemporary music. Their repertoire consists primarily of variations on folk songs and a handful of their own compositions in new arrangements.

Kálmán Balogh, Miklós Lukács, and Gy. László Kiss

Part 1: Gy. László Kiss Tárogató Trió
Featuring: Kálmán Balogh

Part 2: Kálmán Balogh and Miklós Lukács Cimbalom Duo
Accompanied by András Dés and Csaba Novák

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