Klaus Paier & Asja Valcic, © Photo: © Renata Behncke

Klaus Paier & Asja Valcic: Langenargener Summer Concerts

Enjoy the Langenargener Summerconcerts at the prime location of Langenargen: the 'Castle Montfort'.

The 'Castle Monfort' (Schloss Monfort) is situated in Langenargen 10km away from Friedrichshafen at the lake Bodensee. This series of concerts for chamber music was founded 36 years ago by the renown musician Harald Nerat from Salzburg and since then acclaims much popularity both, from residents and tourists.
This year, the program includes Bach compositions played by the Sax Allemande, Brahms and Schumann in the Viennese Piano Concertos or music from Ireland and Scotland played in the Barocco Celtico concerts, and many others.

This summer festival combines a unique scenery of nature, history and architecture with a series of the most popular classical concerts!

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