Sarah Jane McMahon

H.M.S Pinafore

The San Antonio Opera presents Arthur Gilbert and W.S. Sullivan's first big hit, "H.M.S Pinafore", a comic opera set on the high seas.

Imbued with mirth and silliness to spare, the plot revolves around a naval captain's daughter who is in love with a lower‐class foremast hand (a common sailor, well below officer rank), even though her father intends her to marry the First Lord of the Admiralty, the cabinet minister in charge of the Royal Navy. A surprise twist changes everything in the end (and they all live happily ever after).

Sir Joseph Porter, Alistair Donkin
Captain Corcoran, Sam Mungo
Ralph Rachstraw, Timothy Birt
Dick Deadey, Christopher Dickerson
Josephine, Sarah Jane McMahon
Little Buttercup, Janara Kellerman

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