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Capela do Espelho, Klementinum: Vamos festejar com Vivaldi!

Praga, Clementinum — Mirror Chapel

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$ 43

Sobre o Evento

Desfrute de um concerto maravilhoso na deslumbrante Capela dos Espelhos do Klementinum de Praga e celebre a música de Vivaldi com os artistas.


Sovente il Sole, Gloria, La tempesta di mare / Storm, Laudamus Te, Four seasons (seleção)

Informações Práticas

- A Capela dos Espelhos é confortavelmente aquecida
- O preço do bilhete inclui uma bebida de boas‐vindas


The Klementinum is a vast Baroque complex of historical buildings - one of the largest such complexes in Europe - in Prague's Old Town. The name 'Klementinum' comes from the chapel erected here in honor of St Clement in the 11th century. However, the complex' main story begins several centuries later with the arrival of the Jesuits in Bohemia. Commencing construction on their university in the 17th Century, the building process stretched over 170 years, explaining the Klementinum's mixture of architectural styles. When the Jesuit order was suppressed in 1773, they left the Klementinum, but the university they had founded remained. Today, the Mirror Chapel of the Klementinum frequently hosts classical music concerts,primarily featuring works by Mozart, Vivaldi, Smetana, and Dvorak.


Clementinum, Klementinum 190/ Křižovnická, 190 Karlova, 1 Mariánské nám. 5, Praga, Czech Republic — Veja no Google Maps

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