The Forsythe Company


The Forsythe Company
With the founding of The Forsythe Company, William Forsythe has created a new, agile structure within which to pursue the multi‐faceted creative work begun in the Frankfurt Ballet. Together with a more intimate ensemble of 18 dancers, Forsythe has built on the intense collaboration devel‐oped in the rehearsal studio over the last 20 years and begun to explore a new dramaturgy of social and political engagement. His enduring and evolving interest in developing alternative encounters with the audience is leading the company to performances and installations in theaters, public spaces, museums and cultural houses world‐wide. Supported by the states of Saxony and Hesse, the cities of Dresden and Frankfurt am Main, and private sponsors, the company finds itself in an enviably decentered position from which to approach the rapidly shifting, decentered contemporary cultural landscape.

William Forsythe has radically influenced the kinds of thinking being done in the field of dance through his understanding of the maleability and posibility inherent in the language of classical dance. He has seen the classical as a set of ideas about relationships that in and of themselves have unlimited potential for proliferation of form, flow and dynamic. Now with his new ensemble, Forsythe is taking this relational and connective mode of thinking – that has carved out so much creative autonomy for the individual dancer – and applying it even more radically to a decentralized, distributed model of group intra‐connectivity. The newest work explores the implications of a contemporary social shift from a politics of individual sovereignty to one of networked multitudes..

The Forsythe Company is supported by the city of Dresden and the state of Saxony as well as the city of Frankfurt am Main and the state of Hesse.

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