Serafino, Sophie


Sophie Serafino is a violinist, and also a singer and songwriter, with a unique blend of pop music. Her style evolved after years of experimentation with many musical genres, has been described as entirely unique. Sophie mixes world music and impressionistic sounds with funk, dance and classically inspired strings.

Sophie has studied dance for 14 years, singing for 10 years, and has sung in bands since she was 16.

As a student of the Sydney Conservatorium, she plays clasically on occasion. Her solo violin act has been described as “cutting edge virtuoso‐ pop violinist: a sophisticated performer”. Performing her own arrangements of the classics and her own original compositions, with her band and as a roving performer with DJs, there is nothing out there that looks, sounds and moves like Sophie. She has used her variety of skills to create her own unique show‐ Sophie Serafino, pop violinist. A versatile musician, she performs her original material both acoustically and with DJs all over the world. Sophie is currently working on her latest album.

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