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Hervé Niquet


As a student of a friend of Samson François, student of Marguerite Long and Maurice Ravel, Hervé Niquet developed his taste for working on original scores and researching the original intentions of the composer. Strengthened by his thorough training as a harpsichordist, organist, pianist, vocalist, composer, choral conductor and orchestral conductor, he approaches musicianship as would a true researcher, preferring to go back to the original source in order to avoid convention and habit. He has had the opportunity of working as the vocal director chef de chant (vocal director) at the Paris Opera with Rudolf Nureyev and Serge Lifar who collaborated directly with the ballet composers and brings us to reconsider the meaning of original interpretation and the importance of an oral tradition.

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  • Festival de Ópera em La Sainte‐Chapelle

    Festival de Ópera em La Sainte‐Chapelle

    Paris, La Sainte‐Chapelle

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    $ 17