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Prague Symphony Chamber Orchestra


The Prague Symphony Chamber Orchestra was formed in 1989 on the impulse of violist and now artistic director Pavel Perina and consists of leading members of the Prague Symphony Orchestra. Section leaders regularly perform in concerts as outstanding soloists. The classical instrumentation is often expanded to include wind instruments and allows performance of large musical works.

The orchestra’s repertoire consists of Czech and world music literature including classics of the twentieth century (Martinů, Shostakovich, Janacek, Stravinsky, Strauss, Orff). The orchestra has appeared in many festivals in the Czech Republic – the Emma Destinova Festival, the Janacek May Festival, etc… Orchestra has been regular guest of the Prague Spring International Music Festival.

The Czech Radio and the Czech Television have invited the orchestra to participate on several projects. The latest CDs are including newly restored spiritual works by Czech Masters of 18th century J. Zach and J. Kozeluh (Radioservis Praha), “Bosphorus by Moonlight” — 19th century European music on the Otoman´s Court in Istanbul (Kalan Musik) or Bach/Busoni Piano Concerto with Adam Skoumal (ArcoDiva).
There are several artistic achievements of the orchestra presenting contemporary music: two European premiers of one‐act operas based on E. A. Poe stories by American composer Russell Currie, celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Poe’s Death or opening concert of the Prague Spring International Music Festival Cycle Music of Prague Churches on May 13, 2000 with K. Ruzicka´s Magnificat and M. Kopelent´s oratorio Lux mirandae sanctitatis premiered in St. Agnes Monastery in Prague during February 2001.
The ensemble has been participating on various crossover music projects with Jaz Coleman, Elisabeth Troy and Natacha Atlas.

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