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Mariola Cantarero and Marina Heredia

Sevilla, Teatro de la Maestranza — Sala Principal

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Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of Seville's breathtaking Teatro de la Maestranza for the ultimate event set to awake your understanding of Bel canto and Flamenco.

Two artists from Granada. Two friends. Two competing genres with a shared complicity. Flamenco singer Marina Heredia and soprano Mariola Cantarello perform together in this program. Oscillating between the demanding traditions of bel canto and flamenco, they have shared unexpected moments with their respective audiences on the television stage of Tierra de Talento and in concerts of one kind or another.

With the utmost respect for their origins, but convinced — like Mariola Cantarello — that both genres are 'different sides of the same coin', they sing with passion: Mariola and Guajira. The songs of Marina and Naples.

Two women without strings. Mariola sings the Falla. Mariola triumphs in the whole world with Donizetti, who dares to sing 'Granainas'. Both were curious to dive into another world. They have the courage to experiment and participate in each other's music. One thing is for sure: there is so much talent between them that it is definitely worth following this exciting adventure of the two.

Arias from opera, zarzuela, coppolas and flamenco

Reparto / Producción

Soprano: Mariola Cantarero
Cantaora: Marina Heredia
Guitar: José Quevedo “ El Bolita”
Piano: Manuel Valencia
Percussion: Paquito González
Choirs and palmas: Anabel Rivera, Fita Heredia


Teatro de la Maestranza, Paseo de Cristóbal Colón, 22, Sevilla, España — Google Maps

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