Aahrus is the second largest city and the principal port of Denmark situated on the peninsula of Jutland. The relatively large influx of young people and students creates a natural base for cultural activities and there are many cafes - around 500 in the city - as well as discoteques, cinemas, museums, amusement parks and various other venues of entertainment. One major tourist attraction in Aarhus is The Old Town which is a collection of historic Danish buildings gathered from all around the country. The old town was recently ranked one of the 3 best tourist attractions in Denmark. Architecturally impressive sights include the 13th century cathedral in the centre of the city; Århus Domkirke is the tallest cathedral in Denmark. It is common for tourist brochures and local politicians to refer to the town with the tongue-in-cheek slogan 'The worlds smallest big city' reflecting the fact that the city has everything a city needs while unquestionably not a metropolis.

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