Plat, Pierre‐Yves

Pierre‐Yves Plat was born in 1980 and started to learn to play classical piano when he was five years old, with Marie‐Claude Legrand. His personality and innate sense of rhythm led him to play the boom and ragtime. He later created his own compositions due to the influence of various artists, including Ferlet Edourad (which won the 1992 award for Berklee Jazz Performance) and Fabrice Eulry (also known as 'le Chopin du Boogie‐woogie'). In 1996 he recorded his first CD ragtime and began performing on stage. He has been performing in many venues, both in Paris and throughout France and other countries ever since. He is also a frequent guest performer at blues, ragtime and boogie‐woogie festivals. While in Paris he perforemd in various jazz clubs, such as 'Le Petit Journal Saint‐Michel', 'Le Petit Journal Montparnasse', and 'club lattitude Jazz'.

07-04-2020 – 07-04-2021

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