Czech Sax Quartet


Roman Fojtíček – alto, sopr. saxophone, Otakar Martinovský — tenor saxophone
Radim Kvasnica – alto, sopr. saxophone, Zdenko Ka¨par – baritone saxophone

The quartet consists of players who can play all four types of saxophone. Their motivation is not only interest in the saxophone, but also a desire to play chamber music in both classical and jazz styles. The ensemble was founded by Roman Fojtíček in 2003.

Roman Fojtíček’s background includes working with the saxophone in a number of different media including saxophone with piano and organ as well as symphonic repertoire.
Radim Kvasnica is the youngest member of the Group. He is a graduate from of the Czech Technical University. Since 1995 he has played extensively and gained experience with many of the finest orchestras in Prague.
Otakar Martinovský participated for many years in many leading Prague jazz and dance bands. (e.g. Dixieland Messengers, Traditional Jazz Studio, Orchestr Václava Hyb¨e)
Zdenko Ka¨par studied and then worked as a teacher training many young saxophonists who became members of the the Saxophone Orchestra which was founded and is still directed by him.

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