Black Light Theater: Aspects of Alice

布拉格, Ta Fantastika — Main Hall

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Aspects of Alice is inspired by the beloved literary classic Alice in Wonderland. The show reimagines the story in unprecedented ways. In fact, she who has been such a success that it has been running for over 28 years. Accompanied by classical music of Smetana and Dvorak, the story takes place in Prague – one of the richest cities of Europe. It not only retells the story of a young girl growing up, but also portrays the beauty of Prague and magic that it holds within.
Black light theatre is often described as one big optical illusion. A trick that takes advantage of your sight and the things you cannot distinguish when surrounded by complete darkness. Actors of the show control puppets and props, which seems to move on their own accord right in front of you. The story is completed with music, expressive dance and technical tricks that will forever stay ingrained in your mind.


  • 安东利奥·德沃夏克 – Selected works
  • 贝德里赫·斯美塔那 – Selected works


5.0 of 5

  • maya

    09月 2019年

    wonderful show, we enjoyed it very much and will recommend our friends to see it.


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