Vanemuise Concert Hall

塔尔图, 爱沙尼亚

The current building, completed in 1970 (by the architects A. Volberg, P. Tarvas, U. Tölpus), was built to replace the former one which was destroyed during World War II. The hall was renovated in 1998 (by the architect A. Kuldkepp) and the last extension completed in 2001.

Vanemuise Concert Hall is a beloved concert location and a contemporary conference venue, it is a place that provides an equally productive environment for beautiful music, brilliant ideas and profound knowledge. The building itself, as well as the name of the hall, is shared with theater Vanemuine.

Vanemuise Concert Hall is the place to host the most festive events in Tartu, such as the annual ball to mark the anniversary of the national university, New Year's celebrations of county and city governments, opening and final ceremonies of the schools, presentations of cultural prizes. The concert hall also houses concerts for popular local jazz musicians.


Vanemuise Concert Hall, Vanemuise 6, 51003 Tartu 塔尔图, 爱沙尼亚, 查看谷歌地图


电梯: 有

残障人士专用厕所: 有

停车场: 有


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