柏林, 德国

The largest variety theater in Europe, the Friedrichstadt‐Palast is a key landmark in Berlin's Mitte district. With the largest stage area in the world, and the biggest proscenium arch in Europe, the massive building hosts performances of all kinds in its 1900‐seat theater and public spaces.

A central part of Berlin's entertainment story, the current building replaces an 1860s building with a chequered past. From market hall to circus, theater to vaudeville venue, the Friedrichstadt‐Palast has presented a wide range of entertainment in its long history — a fact referred to by Emilia N. Bayer's reliefs on the modern facade of the present theater.


Friedrichstadt‐Palast, Friedrichstraße 107, 10117 柏林, 德国, 查看谷歌地图


  • 柏林Friedrichstadt Palast大展。ARISE,爱比时间更强大

    柏林Friedrichstadt Palast大展。ARISE,爱比时间更强大

    柏林, Friedrichstadt‐Palast

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