• Fürsterzbischöfliche Residenz

Fürsterzbischöfliche Residenz

萨尔斯堡, 奥地利

The residence of Salzburg's spiritual and worldly rulers and where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart once played the piano…

The Residenz, used by the princes for entertainment purposes for centuries, was built by Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau in the 16th century and is owned by the Salzburg Province today. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart played for the prince regularly in the State Rooms of the Residenz. His violin concerto, K. 219 in A?minor for example, was first performed in the Conference Room on December 20, 1775.

Today, Salzburg Residenz is one of the most significant buildings in Salzburg's historic city center. Of the more than 180 rooms and halls, the 15 State Rooms on the second floor are used by the state government on formal occasions and can be rented for all kinds of elegant events.


Fürsterzbischöfliche Residenz, Residenzplatz 1, 5020 萨尔斯堡, 奥地利, 查看谷歌地图

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