Santa Maria in Chiavica

维罗纳, 意大利

The beautiful church of Santa Maria in Chiavica is located in the heart of the homonymous district, so ancient that it contends with the adjacent Santa Maria Antica the primacy of the highest concentration of families of medieval origin, attributable to political alliances with Scaligeri family. The former Church of Santa Maria in Chiavica has been altered many times over the centuries; the building preserved numerous original Romanesque building dating from the twelfth century, from the outer walls survived until the bell. Dating back to the fifteenth century is the internal structure, divided into three naves: the few large fragments of frescoes survived are preciouses, one of which, a beautiful angel announcing, has been attributed to the known Turone.


Santa Maria in Chiavica, Via S. Maria in Chiavica, 7, 37121 维罗纳, 意大利, 查看谷歌地图

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