• Danube Palace, (Duna Polata), Budapest

多瑙皇宫 (The Danube Palace)

布达佩斯, 匈牙利

The Danube Palace, formerly the Casino of Lipótváros was established in 1883. It was founded by Miksa Falk, who was also its first president. The construction of the casino was completed in 1895, based on the plans of Vilmos Freund. Géza Márkus was the architect of the casino. The external facade is made by Mészáros and Gerstenberger and the architectural style of the building is neobaroque. The murals on the walls of the theatre were painted by Lajos Márk. Since its opening the Casino has excelled at patronising the arts: exhibitions and concerts have been held here, it has financed opera performances and it has also organised competitions. A great many famous people have given performances in the Casino such as Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály, Mark Twain and Antonin Dvorak.


多瑙皇宫 (The Danube Palace), Zrínyi utca 5., 1051 布达佩斯, 匈牙利, 查看谷歌地图