• St. Nicholas Church, Prague

圣尼古拉教堂 (Svatý Mikuláš)

布拉格, 捷克

St. Nicholas Church is located at the Old Town Square. It was completed in 1735, though early records mention that it replaced a parish church dating back to 1273.

St. Nicholas is a Baroque church decorated with sculptures by Antonin Braun, an interior design inspired by a Paris chapel and with intricate stucco by Bernardo Spinetti. The frescos are by Peter Adam the Elder.

After World War II the church was handed over to the Czech Hussite movement with whom it remains today. St. Nicholas serves as both a church and a venue for classical concerts.



圣尼古拉教堂 (Svatý Mikuláš)
Old Town Square, Staroměstské náměstí
11000 Praha 布拉格


Main Hall, 500 座位