• Teatro Manzoni, Bologna

Teatro Manzoni

博洛尼亚, 意大利

The Teatro Manzoni has been built in 1933 in the very center of Bologna in order to give to the city a multifunctional space: the huge hall (3000 seats) has been conceived to be used both as a cinema as well as theater stage.
After many years when the Cinema Teatro Manzoni (its original name) has been mostly used as a cinema, in the last years the municipality of Bologna is working on a project to render the hall a space similar to the interior of a musical instrument, in which there would be ideal acustics.


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Teatro Manzoni
Via de'Monari 1/2
40121 博洛尼亚


Main Hall, 1234 座位


电梯: 有
残障人士专用厕所: 有