• Isaac Synagogue, Krakow, inside

  • Isaac Synagogue, Krakow, Credit: Jakub Hałun/Wikimedia

以撒会堂 (Isaac Synagogue)

克拉科夫, 波兰

Built in 1644 in the Kazimierz district of Krakow, the Isaac Synagogue is named after its donor, Isaac the Rich (Izaak Jakubowicz), a banker to the King. During World War II, the Synagogue suffered heavy damage. It was used as a storage space for a theater company after the war and later as an exhibition space. Fire damaged the interior in 1981, leading to extensive renovations, which were completed in 1983. The synagogue was returned to the Jewish community after the fall of communism in 1989, and today it is a functioning orthodox synagogue, as well as a space for live music performances.


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以撒会堂 (Isaac Synagogue)
18 Kupa Street
31-057 克拉科夫


main, 100 座位