Mozart's Requiem in Rome

Рим, Церковь Сан-Паоло внутри крепостной стены — Sala 1

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О событии

Mozart's Requiem, composed in 1791, was the composer's final composition, and it became one of his most famous works.

According to tradition, the Requiem was commissioned by a mysterious client, who insisted the work be completed very quickly. This demand was not met, because the composer died before the piece was finished. Some of Mozart's closest students later completed the composition.


  • Моцарт, Вольфганг Амадей – Реквием ре-минор, K. 626
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Ars Vocalis

St. Paul's Choir & Camerata

Vasselli, Stefano

Orchestra Sinfonica Città di Roma

Dellisanti, Davide


Церковь Сан-Паоло внутри крепостной стены, Via Nazionale 16a, Рим, Италия — Карты Google

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