Wiener Staatsoper

Viena, Austria

The Vienna State Opera is the epitome of Austrian musical tradition and a major symbol of this culturally‐minded nation.

Entering through the main doors of this regal hall, one receives an impression of the original interior, which was mostly destroyed in March of 1945. Remaining in their original form are the entire façade and main foyer, the central stairway, the extravagant Schwindfoyer and loggia, and the Tea Salon on the first floor. When Austrian television broadcast Beethoven’s Fidelio at the 1955 reopening of the Vienna State Opera, with a new auditorium and modernized technology, it was clear that this awe‐inspiring edifice was beginning a new chapter in its proud history.

Alongside its reputation as one of the most important opera houses in the world, the Vienna State Opera is known for maintaining the world's most extensive repertoire. Experience the dramatic peak of opera at the highest level in this noble architectural masterpiece.


Wiener Staatsoper, Opernring 1, A‐1010 Viena, Austria, Veja no Google Maps

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