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  • Église Saint-Eustache, Paris, Credit: Pavel Krok/Wikimedia
    Église Saint‐Eustache, Paris, Credit: Pavel Krok/Wikimedia

Eglise Saint‐Eustache

Paris, France

The Church of Saint Eustache, erected between 1532 and 1640, is one of the most important churches in Paris. Standing near the Louvre and the Royal Palace, St. Eustache was known as the Parochial and Royal Church from the 17th century until the French Revolution. Numerous major events have marked its history. Richelieu, Jeanne Antoinette Poisson (the future Marquess de Pompadour) and Molière were baptised there. Louis XIV's Holy Communion was celebrated in the St. Eustache, as were the funerals of La Fontaine, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's mother, and many others. The writer Voiture, the grammarian Vaugelas, Furetière, the harlequin Dominique Bensérade and Scaramouche are buried there. The world‐wide reputation of the St. Eustache is due not only to its splendid architecture, but also to its musical tradition. The merriage of Lulli, the last organ recital of Remeau, the concerts of Berlioz, Franck, Liszt and many others are examples. Since 1963 Jean Guillou, accomplished virtuoso, improviser of great talent and representative of modern music for the organ, has been the titular organist.


Eglise Saint‐Eustache, 2, rue du Jour, 75001 Paris, France, Veja no Google Maps

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