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Metropolitan Opera House

Nova Iorque, USA

New York’s Metropolitan Opera is one of the largest and most prestigious opera houses in the world. Set on Lincoln Plaza on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, ‘The Met’ is the jewel in the crown of New York’s world‐class performing arts institutions. A sumptuous building, opened in 1966, houses America’s flagship opera company, and hosts the American Ballet Theater every summer.

Possessing one of the most technologically complex and immense stage spaces in the world offers the Metropolitan Opera the opportunity to stage spectacular performances, featuring a host of operatic stars. The sparkle isn’t confined solely to the stage however the public areas include numerous works of art, including two large murals by Marc Chagall, and thirty‐two crystal chandeliers. Shaped to resemble constellations, the chandeliers were donated to the house by the Austrian government, as part of the Marshall Plan of repayments following the Second World War.


Metropolitan Opera House, 30 Lincoln Center Plaza, NY 10023 Nova Iorque, USA, Veja no Google Maps

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