W. A. Mozart Requiem at Salzburg Cathedral

ザルツブルク, Dom Salzburg — Main Hall

最高の座席割り当て 瞬時にeチケット


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W. A. Mozart’s Requiem is one of the best and most moving pieces classical music has to offer. The myths surrounding Mozart's last composition contribute to the incredible appeal of this masterpiece. The Requiem is filled with the strong emotions that come to man in the face of death: Fear, anger, despair, sadness, hope, consolation.

Mozart’s link to Salzburg is well known, as he was born und raised here. Mozart’s Birthplace and apartment can be visited in Salzburg and you can find traces of Mozart on every corner of the city. Until today the baptismal font in which Mozart was baptised is in use and can be visited in the Cathedral.

This year too, we are honouring Mozart in a very special way in Salzburg Cathedral during the Salzburg Festival. Together with Domkapellmeister János Czifra, the Cathedral Orchestra and renowned soloists, the Mozart Requiem will be presented this year as part of the Come and Sing! Choir Festival. Under the direction of János Czifra, this masterpiece was intensively worked on in several workshops by choir singers from all over the world.


  • ヴォルフガング・アマデウス・モーツァルト – レクイエム ニ短調 K.626


SingMit! (合唱団)

Orchestra of Dommusik Salzburg (オーケストラ)

Czifra, János (指揮者)


Dom Salzburg, Domplatz 1a, ザルツブルク, オーストリア — Googleマップ

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