The Catholic Church of the Royal Court of Saxony

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The Dresden Hofkirche – since 1980 cathedral of the bishopric Dresden‐Meißen – was built by Gaetano Chiaveri from 1739 to 1751 in Baroque style at the behest of elector Friedrich August II. von Sachsen. It is one of the biggest church buildings in Saxony. On the balustrade, surrounding the nave, 78 statues of Saints and at the tower the four allegoric figures faith, love, hope and justice can be seen made by the Italian sculptor Lorenzo Mattielli. Due to the famous Silbermann organ numerous high class concerts take place at the Hofkirche.


The Catholic Church of the Royal Court of Saxony, Schlossplatz, 01067 ドレスデン, ドイツ, Googleマップ


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