Malter, Alexander

Pianist Alexander Malter was born in Moscow. During his student years with Tatjana Nikolajewa and Oxana Jablonskaja at the Tschaikovsky Conservatory his piano playing already gave evidence of the "beauty of sound, based on great musicality and individual warmth of tone" later praised by Arvo Pärt (the Estonian composer). After graduating in 1969 he intensified his concert activities as piano soloist, accompanist and chamber musician. By the mid 1980s, concert engagements from the West were also numerous. In 1991 Malter moved to Germany where he continues to be a much sought-after player. As well as the works of compratiots Tschaikovsky, Skyrabin, and Rachmaninov his particular strengths also include Bach, Haydn, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Chopin and Liszt, in addition to contemporary music.

With Christian Stadelmann and Dietmar Schwalke, he plays in the Vincent Trio.