• Künstlerhaus am Lenbachplatz

Künstlerhaus am Lenbachplatz

Monaco di Baviera, Germania

The building of the Munich House of Artists and its culture of festivities has become a part of the history of Munich. Conceived as a place of convergence between culture and society, in its outer appearance the House of Artists is still living proof of the style and society models of its origin in time. Munich House Of ArtistsIn 1893, Prinzregent Luitpold set the foundation stone of the building created by architect Gabriel von Seidl, and in 1900 he personally opened the house to the public.
Thus he fulfilled the dream of the Munich artists united in the 'Allotria' society in the 1850s: to bring together the patricians, the well‐to‐do brewery families and new industralists in one place to meet the artists of the time; Franz von Lenbach, Fritz August Kaulbach and Franz von Stuck are recognized as the hosts and creators behind many glamorous festivities.


Künstlerhaus am Lenbachplatz, Lenbachplatz 8, 80333 Monaco di Baviera, Germania, Google Maps

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