The Flying Dutchman: Opera in the Crypt

Vienna, Chiesa di San Pietro — Krypta

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Experience Wagner's most popular opera in a unique way in the crypt under St. Peter's Church in Vienna.


The 'Opera in the Crypt' series is a unique form of presenting opera at its very essence. With piano accompaniment, talented singers in costumes perform the works in the exceptional, intimate atmosphere of the crypt under St. Peter's Church. Through the short distance between audience and musicians you can experience opera in a way you have never heard or seen it before.


Dutchman: Apostol Milenkov
Senta: Magdalena Renwart
Daland: Il Hong
Erik: Muratcan Atam
Steersman: Sergio Tallo‐Torres
Piano: Rugiada Lee


Chiesa di San Pietro, Petersplatz, Vienna, Austria — Google Maps

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