Paris, France

With the goal to build a large theatre, Sir Alfred Butt rents an area in the center of Paris in the year 1913. The theatre is built during the First World War by the British architect Bertie Crew. The inauguration takes place in the year 1919. One of the guests is President Wilson, who came to France in order to negotiate the contracts of Versailles. The building symbolizes the dream of the Entente Cordiale, but the project is not an economic success right away. Since the twenties the building is called Théâtre Mogador. In this time it gained fame with the performances of the Ballets russes (Petruschka, Le Bouffon, L'après midi d'un Faune and Schéhérazade) and with the Thés Mogador – performances of operettas and plays in the afternoon. Until the seventies the Théâtre Mogador was mainly used for performances of operettas. An extensive renovation made revive the building in new splendour in the year 1983. Since the nineties the Théâtre Mogador is also used as a concert hall.


, 25, rue de Mogador, 75009 Paris, France, Google Maps

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