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  • Palais Lobkowitz, Vienna
    Palais Lobkowitz, Vienna

Palais Lobkowitz

Vienna, Austria

Palais Lobkowitz is one of the oldest palaces in Vienna. It was originally built for Count Philipp Sigmund von Dietrichstein in 1687, by the engineer of the Imperial Court, Giovanni Pietro Tencala. From 1745 to 1980, the palace was in the hands of the Lobkowitz family, who undertook several renovations over the years.

The Palais Lobkowitz is considered to be one of the most beautiful baroque buildings in Austria. Ludwig van Beethoven often made music at the palace and dedicated numerous works to his patron Prince Franz Joseph Maximilian Lobkowitz, including his Third Symphony 'Eroica', after which the Eroica Hall is named.


Palais Lobkowitz, Lobkowitzplatz 2, 1010 Vienna, Austria, Google Maps

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