• Malteserkirche, Vienna, Credit: Bwag/Commons
  • Malteserkirche, Vienna, Credit: Diana Ringo/Commons


Vienna, Austria

The Church of Saint John the Baptist, or Malteserkirche, is one of the most important sites in Vienna. Its history is invariably linked to that of the Maltese Order, after which it is named. In the architecture of the interior of the Maltese Church, there are elements from several periods, including Gothic and Baroque. The space itself bears witness to the historical significance of this house and of the Maltese Order as a whole. A record from 1217 indicates the presence of the Maltese Order in Vienna. It also shows that a chapel and hospital were built in the former Heeres and Pilgerstrasse, now called Kärtnerstrasse, which is the main street of Vienna.


Malteserkirche, Kärtnerstrasse 37, 1010 Vienna, Austria, Google Maps

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