• Börse Palais, Vienna, Austria

Börse Palais

Vienna, Austria

The former Vienna Stock Exchange building boasts a distinctive brick‐red facade and is one of the most prominent edifices on the world‐famous Ring‐boulevard. The Börsensäle premises were constructed by Danish architect Theophil v. Hansen between 1871 and 1877 and housed the Vienna Stock Exchange until 1998. The Festsaal has been the nucleus of the Vienna Stock Exchange since a fire destroyed the magnificent Wertpapierbörsesaal in 1956. Theophil v. Hansen gave personal attention to the Festsaal, creating ornamentation which was grand, yet still paying attention to detail. Today, the hall is a dignified setting for large‐scale festivities.


Börse Palais, Wipplingerstrasse 34, A‐1010 Vienna, Austria, Google Maps

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