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  • Ca Sagredo, Venice, Credit: gnuckx/Wikimedia
    Ca Sagredo, Venice, Credit: gnuckx/Wikimedia

Palazzo Ca' Sagredo

Venice, Italy

This palace was originally owned by the Morosini family and was purchased at the start of the 18th century by the Sagredos, a noble family who had lived in the Santa Sofia district for centuries.

The façade onto the Grand Canal is proof of the Byzantine origin of the building, which was altered several times in subsequent centuries.

The original ground floor with the doors leading onto the water and the first floor with its tall arch windows topped on slim pillars, were completed in the 15th century by the addition of second floor, which has tracery frieze around the middle mullioned windows of the Portego or central hall.

In the golden and precious Music Ballroom, numerous frescoes attributed to Gaspare Diziani completely cover the walls and ceiling.

In the main work, inside a painted balustrade, Apollo appears on his sun cart among the other Olympian gods throwing down the capital vices. Along the walls stand, inside sham niches, the monochromatic figures of Minerva, Neptune, Cibel, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Juno and Jupiter. An attentive observer will notice stylistic differences due to minor artists’ contribution, although Diziani’s style can be easily recognized in the figures of Venus and Minerva. Still nowadays, with this perfect acoustics, the neverending music in this ballroom can really wrap you: just by skimming over the piano keyboard and playing a few notes, the figures of the frescoes seem to turn to life.

Splendid chandeliers in gold leaf hang from the ceiling, and the floor is embellished with the coat of arms of the Sagredo family. The frescos on one wall act as a camouflage for a door to the secret passage which once led to the “Casino Sagredo”. This passageway was used by mistresses during balls to discretely make their way to the master’s alcove.


Palazzo Ca' Sagredo, Campo Santa Sofia 4198/99, 30121 Venice, Italy, Google Maps

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