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  • Rolando Villazón, © Photo: Bettina Stöß
    Rolando Villazón, © Photo: Bettina Stöß

The Bat: Deutsche Oper Berlin

About the Event

Discover Johann Strauss's famous operetta 'The Bat' in a new version by Rolando Villazón at the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

Strauss's work held up a mirror to the salon‐going public of his time in what consisted of wicked irony, mistaken identities, and erotic escapades. Bursting with waltzes and polkas, Strauss's composition was the prototype of the Viennese operetta.

Cast / Production

Gabriel von Eisenstein — Thomas Blondelle, Burkhard Ulrich (22.12.2022 | 31.12.2022)

Rosalinde, Eisenstein's wife — Flurina Stucki, Hulkar Sabirova (22.12.2022 | 31.12.2022)

Frank, a prison governor — Markus Brück, Tobias Kehrer (22.12.2022 | 31.12.2022)

Prince Orlofsky — Karis Tucker, Annika Schlicht (22.12.2022 | 31.12.2022)

Alfred, a singer teacher — Jorge Puerta, Attilio Glaser (22.12.2022 | 31.12.2022)

Dr Falke, a notary — Philipp Jekal, Thomas Lehman (22.12.2022 | 31.12.2022)

Dr Blind, a lawyer — Jörg Schörner

Adele, Rosalinde's maid — N. N., Meechot Marrero (22.12.2022 | 31.12.2022)

Ida — N. N.

Frosch — Ingo Paulick

Customer Reviews

5.0 of 5

  • Veronika G, Россия

    Jan 2019

    I liked the opera! The perfomance was fine.

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