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St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

The FREEDOM cultural space is the largest event‐platform in Russia operating in a time‐cafe format. Located in the heart of St. Petersburg — near the Kazan Cathedral, in an old building with a rich history, built by the famous architect Giacomo Quarenghi, which gives the atmosphere of what is happening in it a special flavor.
The area of space is more than 1500 m2.
Every month it brings together more than 5,000 completely different people who work and relax here.
This place has:
- two‐story library
- antique piano
- real fireplace
- a coffee shop with 22 types of coffee in three blends, 20 types of leaf tea and an extensive seasonal menu,
- self‐cost bar with super affordable prices,
- private lounge‐zones, where you can comfortably relax chamber company,
- Wi‐Fi and many other things


FreeDom, Казанская ул., 7, 191186 St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, Google Maps

There are currently no event dates available.