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Discover this opera in two acts, inspired by the eponymous text by Evgueni Zamiatine, commissioned by the Opéra Comique.

On the invitation of the Opéra Comique, Joël Pommerat wrote for the first time an original opera libretto, and he chose this short story by Evgueni Zamiatine, published in 1929, as its subject. The stage writer collaborated with the composer Francesco Filidei, whose second opera is this one, in the development of the discourse and the time of the show. From their close collaboration, from this composition conducted in pairs for the stage, in complicity with musicians and singers, a new eloquence is born that reflects the dull density of an inner life.
Their score of sounds, images and silences is directed by Joël Pommerat, and directed by Emilio Pomarico at the helm of intense and inhabited singers-actors.

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