• St. Blasius Church, Gotischer Saal, Salzburg

St. Blasius

Salzburg, Austria

The St Blasius Church is also known as the Hospital Church (Burgerspital Kirche), as it used to serve the civic hospital. Built from 1327 until 1350, it is the oldest Gothic church in Austria. The exterior of the St Blasius Church is somwhat austere compared with some of Salzburg´s other churches, and inside, the vaulted hall retains the Gothic style, with elements added in the Rococo and Classicist periods.


St. Blasius, Bürgerspitalgasse 2 (Getreidegasse), 5020 Salzburg, Austria, Google Maps


Car park: Yes

Parking site for buses: Yes

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    Advent Serenades in Salzburg

    Salzburg, St. Blasius

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