Sagrestia del Borromini

Rome, Italy

The sacristy was built between 1658 and 1666 based on a design of Borromini and was originally planned to link the church to the Innocenziano College. As the private chapel of the Pamphili family for many centuries, the Sacristy became public again after its restoration was completed in 2000 for the Holy Year.

Full of symbolism, the decorations are of particular importance: the ceiling is divided into 13 parts representing the site of eternal life. The large one is by Paul Gismondi, an artist of Perugia, and it represents the Glory of Saint Agnes who appears to her parents kneeling besides her tomb. The two frescoes on each side represent Faith, with the Bible and a cross on her shoulders, and Purity, receiving a lily while giving a crown of roses. Both figures resemble the Saint depicted in the center.

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Sagrestia del Borromini
Piazza Navona - Via S.Maria dell'Anima 30/A
00186 Rome
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Main Hall, 120 Seats