Roma! Songs, Dance, Poetry, and Dinner: Teatro Salone Margherita

Roma! Music, Dance, and Dinner: Teatro Salone Margherita

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The rich Roman music tradition comes to life at the beautiful, historic Teatro Salone Margherita in the heart of Rome. Indulge in a delicious meal. Enjoy one of the most famous shows in Rome with songs, dances and poetry of Rome's people.

Roma! presents traditional Roman music and dance from the late 19th century until today. Experience the old 'Stornelli' as well as traditional love serenades, Puccini's lyrical opera arias and contemporary music.
Roman singer Manuela Villa performs with tenor Nico Di Barnaba, the Roma! live band, and ballet.

After its restoration in 2014 the Teatro Salone Margherita is again offering the theater's original idea of a café chantant. Audiences can enjoy a gourmet dinner by Anna Dente and Ben Hirst in the theater's private boxes. In addition, a dish of Pasta all'Arrabiata is offered on the ground floor for every guest.

Important Information:
Concert with dinner seating in the theater boxes can only be booked by table.
Please choose:
1 table for 2 guests
1 table for 3 guests
1 table for 4 guests.

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